Cosmetic repairs

Cosmetic repairs
Cosmetic repairs
Cosmetic repairs
Cosmetic repairs


Redecoration of a turnkey apartment is one of the types of repairs that involves the implementation of repair and finishing work without deep intervention in engineering communications. The main purpose of the redecoration of the apartment is to update the decorative coatings on the walls and replace the floor coverings. To obtain a high-quality result, most often there is a need to perform light alignment of walls and floors.

Redecoration of an apartment for sale is typical for apartments located in houses of the secondary housing market, in the absence of a need to replace the electrical wiring. In this case, the plane of the walls, the lines of the corners, the lines of the plinth and the junction of the wall and ceiling are aligned in the apartment. The floor is leveled by pouring a self-leveling mixture.

All these works do not take much time and do not require a large amount of building material. Therefore, this type of repair can be attributed to the repair of an economy class apartment.

It includes:

  • preparatory work with the removal of old worn materials;
  • leveling the surface of walls and ceilings;
  • restoration of floor coverings;
  • replacement of plumbing, windows and doors;
  • painting and wallpapering;
  • finishing work.

We carry out cosmetic repairs on villas, houses and apartments. Region – Tenerife and Canary Islands