Drywall installation

Drywall installation
Drywall installation
Drywall installation
Drywall installation


Drywall or GKL has been widely known to builders and finishers since the 50s – 60s of the twentieth century.
Now drywall is one of the most popular and affordable building materials used in the overhaul of an apartment.

The advantages of drywall include the possibility of forming structures of any complexity,
their light weight, which minimizes the load on the floor slabs and the relative ease of its installation.
This material has good heat and sound insulating properties.

Installation of drywall is carried out in two main ways:

  • Installation of drywall on a special glue that allows you to quickly align the walls, practically without reducing the usable area of ​​the room.
  • Installation of drywall on a frame made of metal profiles or wooden beams.
    In this case, the drywall construction reduces the usable area of the room due to the thickness
    profile or beam. But this type of GKL installation provides the opportunity to place in the resulting space
    various engineering communications, as well as heat and sound insulating materials.

With the help of this finishing material, you can form the necessary geometry of the walls in the room, install partitions or false walls anywhere in the apartment, form decorative structures of any complexity – such as arches, portals, columns, etc. Also, thanks to drywall, you can install a suspended ceiling, both straight and curved or multi-level. The possibilities of installing drywall can be limited only by the imagination of the customer and the skill of the performer.