Electric installation work

Electric installation work
Electric installation work
Electric installation work
Electric installation work


Properly equipped wiring, proper connection of electrical appliances are the main factors
safe operation of lighting systems, volatile equipment. Performing installation work
electrician requires special permits, skills, knowledge of the rules for the development of electrical networks, laying
cables, connecting power points. A difficult task should be entrusted to professionals.


Varieties of electrical work from whiteteide:

  • drawing up a project for the power supply of the facility;;
  • dismantling of old wiring, shield, sockets, switches;
  • preparation of premises for laying new wiring;
  • installation and connection of sockets, switches, RCDs;
  • installation of electrical panels, automatic switches;
  • connection of electrical appliances, household appliances, lighting.

cable laying (wiring laying)

Departure of a specialist for electrical work is ordered from us in such cases:

  • The owners of the apartment began a major overhaul with the replacement of old wiring.
  • Buyers of real estate in a new building want to change the location of outlets, move switches to another location, or wire the electrical circuit in a different way.
  • The owners of an industrial or commercial facility need the work of an electrician to connect machine tools, power units, installations.
  • In a residential apartment or house, there is a specific smell of burning – the electrical wiring is out of order, and it needs to be replaced immediately.
  • After the purchase of household appliances and electrical appliances, the workload on the network has increased, so you need to increase the power, for which you need to lay an additional cable.