Finishing works

Finishing works
Finishing works
Finishing works
Finishing works


Finishing work performed during the repair of an apartment can be divided into two main stages
– rough finishing works and fine finishing of the apartment. Rough finish includes the whole range
preparatory work before the start of decorative finishing of the apartment.

The main ones are:

Plastering, floor screed, installation of suspended ceilings, wiring of rough electrics and plumbing, etc. To the final finishing of the apartment
almost all subsequent stages can be attributed – puttying and painting walls and ceilings, wallpapering, laying
floor coverings, etc.

Since decorative finishing is the first thing we pay attention to in the finished apartment renovation,
it is important to understand the importance of the quality of the finishing work performed. And given the rather expensive cost of decorative coatings,
sufficient attention should be paid to this event. It would be reasonable to involve for the execution of these finishing works
only professionals in their field, who are familiar with the technologies of finishing work. Otherwise
In this case, you risk not only spoiling expensive materials, but also significantly delaying the repair completion date.
apartments due to the time that will need to be spent on remodeling.

Wall and ceiling plastering

One of the types of fine finishing works performed at their first stage,
are putty works. Putty work can be described as fine finishing, leveling
surfaces of walls and ceilings to a certain state – for wallpapering or for painting.
Depending on what condition the walls or ceiling must have in order to apply a certain
decorative coating, various puttying technologies are used.

Painting walls and ceilings

It is one of the last stages of cosmetic or major repairs of the apartment.
Painting work in the apartment precedes only wallpapering, installation of various decorative elements
and installation of floor coverings. Painting of walls and ceilings is carried out only according to a well-prepared
base, because the paint tends to highlight all the slightest defects in the preliminary preparation.


After finishing the rough finishing work in the apartment, the stage of decorative finishing of the premises begins.
This is the most pleasant and interesting stage of apartment renovation for the customer, because it is now beginning to emerge
the image of the apartment that we previously imagined in our head or saw in the design project. One of the most
popular finishing materials that transform a gray or white nameless room into a living room, nursery or bedroom are wallpapers..